​Own your own story so you can disown the overeating disorder
Nettie Reeves-Lewis is a middle-aged African American woman who has sufferered from BED (Binge-Eating Disorder).

The irony of her life is that she has been a fitness trainer, the creator of the popular  NettieReevesFUNkyFit and has worked in the fitness business for twenty years. The pressure to remain thin caught up with her. 

She has devoted her life to helping other women acheive their fitness and health goals because of her passion and drive to see others succeed.

Now instead of helping women become and stay thin, she strives to help them see and appreciate what's underneath their skin. 

Her motto is: "The mind, not the mirror, is the judge."
It is Nettie's desire to start a much needed conversation about African American women and food issues which often time leads to a mental illness.

Through this conversation, Nettie wishes to dispel the myths that eating disorders are a young white girl issue. And she plans to help women (and men) of color own their own stories so they can disown the disorder. 

This is being done through book clubs, workshops, readings and events; all of which Nettie is available.

In addition she speaks at conferences and makes television appearances, and has landed in many publications for her work and passion on this much needed subject matter