Nettie Reeves-Lewis
I'm Nettie Reeves-Lewis, the CEO of N'shape with'N, LLC. After branding my own style of dance aerobics called NettieReevesFUNkyFit and choreographing over 400 routines in my twenty year career, I have had great success in  helping thousands of women of color get in better health through my own unique style of teaching and training one-on-one clients. At some latter point in my career, while helping others, I was was struggling in silence.

I have written and produced ten plays all dealing with the African American female experience and won numerous awards for my work, including the Steve Harvey Hoodie (Neighborhood) Award and the President Obama's Council on Fitness and Nutrition Award.

Prior to understanding BED, I agreed to help my clients "workout the weight off." However, after being diagnosed and treated, I understood why some of the clients who weren't losing weight were unable to see results. They, too, may have been suffering from an eating disorder. I realized that together we were treating the symptoms and not the actual problem.

Since being diagnosed and desiring to get better, I realized my own truth through my own story. It is within the story lines that I came to better understand who I am, from where I came and where I wish to go from here.

I realize that a clothes size doesn't define me or my heart. I also no longer allow society's standard of beauty to be a standard for me. And it is now my desire to help other women see this  in themselves.

Because of my struggles, I decided to write a series of books to ensure others can identify, relate and have positive outcomes for change. 

I also love to deliver talks at conferences and seminars to help people notice any limited thinking they might have and teach them ways of thinking to support reaching their goals and ambitions in life. 

I absolutely love what I do. It's very rewarding to help people change their lives and feel good about the life they live, from the inside out. 


"The mind, not the mirror, is the judge."