1. See For Yourself...
    Nettie's book THROUGH THICK AND THIN AND THICK AGAIN is compelling, gripping, and raw. It is a must read. I found myself relating to multiple circumstances in the book. It made me look deep within myself and begin my own process of healing. Nettie really delved deeply into her mind, soul, and spirit and bares all. She's honest and very relatable. We all have experienced things in life that can be challenging. What matters is that we face our fears...and conquer them. Nettie exemplifies strength and courage in this book, and in her life. Please take this journey with her; as I have to complete the mission of healing, and freedom we all desire, and deserve to experience in life! Get your copy today, and this book is also great for gift giving. Tis the season to share. There's no better gift than the gift of better living! 💜 Thank you Nettie...for all you are, and all you do! Angela Burns
  2. ...what a difference this book will make...
    "I would like to thank Nettie for her candor, sincerity and willingness to share her compelling and heartfelt story. While I don't currently suffer from BED, I do have a love/hate relationship with food. After having children, my weight was on a roller coaster ride. When it was down, my mood was up, and when my weight was up, my mood was down. However, after reading Nettie's book, I have learned not only to embrace and appreciate my curves, but to like them as well. When I walk into a room now, you can no longer anticipate my mood based on my size. I am grateful to Nettie " for shedding light to this problem and for helping others learn to love themselves. Within these pages she shows us firsthand how to overcome this struggle with food and how to have a more harmonious and balanced life." Angela Vereen
  3. ...for you and/or someone you love!
    An awesome emotional and heart soothing read. A look at BED that forces one to examine their own fears and questions about eating disorders. Nettie opens deep and familiar wounds that harbor within many women, as they battle the love/hate relationship with food. You will not put it down, once you turn pass the first page. It promotes and stimulates much needed conversation on the topic of BED..... Anonymous