1. The Renfrew Center Conference
    Where: Philadelphia Airport Marriott
    When: November 11-13, 2016
    Exploring Identity through Recovery; The Power of our Voices Members of marginalized groups who experience oppression, discrimination and trauma often develop eating disorders, poor self-esteem and negative body image. In this workshop, Nettie Reeves-Lewis discusses how her own marginalization and oppression influenced her relationship with food and body image, and describe her personal paths to recovery.
  2. Book Signing
    Where: Stonewater Bay
    When: January 21, 2017 4pm
    Join Nettie Reeves-Lewis as she launches her very first book signing! There will be delicious food, non-stop entertainment, a dynamic mix of people and door prizes. Reeves-Lewis will read portions of her book and generate conversation surrounding African American women and their unique relationships with food. RESERVE your seat at BRING or BUY your book! Location: 128 Village Glen Way, Mt. Holly, NC
  3. Book Signing and Reading
    Where: YWCA Park Road Charlotte
    When: February 18, 2017 ~ 2-4pm
    Overeating is a chronic problem among women. Often caused by forces that are out of our control, we blame ourselves and suffer in silence. Nettie invites you to join her as she discusses her compelling story of how she overcame binge-eating disorder. RSVP by calling (704) 543-6269 ext. 11 Sponsored by JP Financial Group, LLC
  4. WEW 2017 Conference Workshop
    Where: Brunswick, GA
    When: Saturday, 2/25/2017
    Overeating is a chronic problem in the black community. Often caused by forces that are out of our control, we blame ourselves and suffer in silence. Nettie invites you to join her as she discusses her compelling story of how she overcame binge eating disorder. Books will sale for $10 each. Sponsored by The Links of Brunswick Georgia Contact Link Tres Hamilton at
    Where: WCNC Charlotte, NC
    When: Thursday, March 2, 11 am
    Nettie discusses her book Through THICK and Thin and Thick Again with Colleen Odegaard. She will be answering tough questions like why she wrote it now, how she expects others to react to it, and where does she go from here. Join the conversation on news channel 6 in Charlotte.
  6. Book Club
    Where: Norris Avenue, Charlotte
    When: March 4 and March 11, 2017
    Join the conversation to DISCOVER, DISCUSS and DISSEMINATE! Everyone's story is different, however, the common denominator is over eating and/or binge eating. By reading the book as a group, participants engage in conversation, share their own stories, complete the manual (in the book) and begin to heal. Contact Quyona Rawley for more information.
  7. Your Book Signing and Reading
    Where: Your location
    When: Your date
    Host a workshop or book club to get the much needed conversation going about the unhealthy relationship most African American women have with food. Nettie Reeves-Lewis will come in with all the materials needed to change lives! She will start the process but God will take the wheel. Interested? Go to the Contacts Page (under "MORE") and complete the form. Don't forget to make your request in the Comments section! 28208
  8. Binge Eating Workshop
    Where: Comfort of your home
    When: 6 weeks beginning 4/5/17
    Imagine what your life would be like if you had clear thinking, energy and excitement every day of your life. No one diet works for everyone. And often times it's not what you're eating, it's what's eating you. Join me for an group internet workshop that will prove that you are not flawed, powerless, or in a predicament that's out of control. You will learn how to end binge eating disorder, without a major personal transformation. For just a fraction of the cost of one-on-one health coaching, allow Nettie to help you can heal. $495
  9. Panel Discussion and Book Signing
    Where: The Renfrew Center of Clt
    When: March 1, 2017 6-7pm
    Join The Renfrew Center of Charlotte as we celebrate National Eating Disorders Awareness Week with a panel discussion of three Renfrew alumni. These women will share their stories of recovery and offer strategies for support, followed by a question and answer session. There will also be a book signing by Nettie Reeves-Lewis. Open to the community. To attend, RSVP to Ashley Smith, M.Ed., LPC